Discipline: Dancehall

Described as being "animated" and "full of life" he is gaining notoriety for his high energy classes and flavorful choreography.

Tango Leadaz is a Dancehall instructor and choreographer who quickly made a name for himself as one of the top go-to people for authentic Dancehall in L.A. With well over ten years of Dancehall experience, he uses his vast Dancehall vocabulary and knowledge to spread joy and help bring awareness to the culture. Prior to moving to LA Tango Leadaz danced for years in the underground Dancehall scene in FL and has relocated to California for the purpose of spreading authentic Dancehall culture into the industry. He is the creator of many globally popular Dancehall dances such as "Good Chemistry" which can be seen done by major artists like Chris Brown and Omarion, and "Get used to it" which is currently being done by the one and only Beyonce on her OTR2 tour. He has taught workshops in Asia, North America, and he has recently finished his 3rd European teaching tour.

Tango Leadaz dance credits include Pharrell, Wizkid, Alecia Keys, Gwen Stephani, Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, Usher and choreographer on Omarion's "Distance" and "Word4word".

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