EXPG LA is proud to announce our collaboration with the

Pearlman Acting Academy

About the Studio:

Pearlman Acting Academy was recently voted “Best Acting Studio In Los Angeles.” Also located in NYC, PAA offers private coaching and classes from celebrity to working professional and beginner. With the highest percentage of client booked roles in the industry, Joseph helps actors go into the room and win the role. Clients leave every session and class having experienced an undeniable acting breakthrough and transformation. 

Class Description:

With 20 clients having booked starring roles this year in major film and TV, we will show you what it takes to launch your acting career faster and reach Oscar potential. Learn to market yourself like a celebrity. Get a career-launching game plan that delivers instant results, and insider secrets from the industry's top movers and shakers. Discover how to supercharge your audition rate, and guarantee audition wins. Actors will coach one-on-one with our master coaches on currently casting major film/TV auditions to guarantee an audition win, and experience an undeniable acting breakthrough and transformation every class. 


What you get:

  • Launch your acting career faster

  • Reach Oscar potential on set

  • Learn how to win a Series Lead before it goes to casting

  • Experience an undeniable acting breakthrough and transformation every class

  • Coach one-on-one with a PAA master coach every class

  • Learn how to get 50+ major film/TV auditions per year

  • Compete for a new major TV/film role every week

  • A-list branding: learn how to market yourself like a celebrity

  • Supercharge your audition rate

  • Discover how to compete for the role, not the audition

  • Get a competitive edge year round

  • Have your best booking year ever

  • Learn how to coach yourself to a booked role



*Not ready to coach one-on-one? Ease your way in with a Balcony Membership.

What you get:

Improvise with & read opposite our celebrities & most advanced actors 

  • Learn how to coach yourself to a booked role

  • Unlimited audit pass to any currently running class 

  • Exclusive access to Joseph’s Master Class

  • Observe Joseph coach every client to an undeniable acting breakthrough & transformation every class

  • Get scouted every class